China. Germany. Europe.

“To win the competition, a business first requires inspiration, courage and luck;
then perseverance, vision and sense."
— Prof. Dr. Xiaobo Wu

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Feelnow Business! We believe that international communication and exchange are keys to successful business development. We see a huge potential of improvement in the Exchange possibilities between China and Europe, particularly Germany. Headquartered in Hangzhou since 2012, along with our Berlin office, we believe that we’ve been playing an active role in promoting international business exchange on a bilateral level.

We are also the official overseas representative of Channel Wu, which is the main investor of the Feelnow Group. Together with Channel Wu, we are closely connected to the Finance and Investment markets with excellent business networks in China and therefore are able to provide consultancy on bilateral business development.

We introduce contacts and bridge communications berween companies from China and Germany for cooperation, Investments, conferences, forums, and more.

To assist certain projects, we also collaborate with local politics and research institutions - both in China and Germany.

We develop strategies particularly to optimize the business cooperation between companies from China and Germany.


Through Channel Wu, we provide the exposure of international business partners to their desired Chinese audience.

Below you find a short pictural selection of our Projects. For more detailed Information please click here.

Smart Industry 2018

Our Media Coverage of the 3rd Chinese - German Smart Industry Forum. All Episodes can be found here.