Welcome and thank you for your interest in Feelnow Business! We believe that international communication and exchange are keys to successful business development. We see a huge potential of improvement in the Exchange possibilities between China and Europe, particularly Germany. Headquartered in Hangzhou since 2012, along with our Berlin office, we believe that we’ve been playing an active role in promoting international business exchange on a bilateral level.


We are also the official overseas representative of Channel Wu, which is the main investor of the Feelnow Group. Together with Channel Wu, we are closely connected to the Finance and Investment markets with excellent business networks in China and therefore are able to provide consultancy on bilateral business development.



Channel Wu is a Media Company based in China with a Focus on the fast growing Chinese middle class population. This target Group has a particular interest in economy, finances and business management.
Prof. Dr. Xiaobo Wu, the founder of Channel Wu, best-selling writer and expert of the financial and economic sector in China, is the owner of the publishing group "Blue Lion". His book "Marvelous 30 Years: Chinese Emerging: 1978 - 2008" became a phenomenon. Furthermore, Wu is the founder and owner of China's largest non-state Business/Finance media platform Channel Wu, which has over 4.000.000 subscribers. The programme features economic trends in China and provides in-depth dissect to the industry professionals. He is also the co-founder of Datou Capital and the owner of the prestigious Investors Club.


Datou Capital is an over-the-counter fund with equity.
Within 2 years, Datou Capital has invested in over 40 start up companies and the current capital level is now approx. USD 500 million.


Approximately 500 members, 45% of which business owners.
67% of the members invest about 1 million USD per year.


Founded in 2002, Blue Lion Financial Publishing is a publishing house specializing in the financial sector and publishes approximately 100 books per year.