In today’s highly volatile business environment, developing and maintaining sustainable international business exchange requires a new set of knowledge and skills. With a deep understanding of and close connection to Chinese markets and core businesses leaders, we are playing active roles in promoting the development of business relations between China and Germany.


On adopting strategic orientation, a company won’t lose focus from any of the important business aspects. We provide important insights that could guide clients in their understanding of strategic orientations and the benefits for business performance. Furthermore, we advise on bilateral communication and accompany the entire process from the beginning to the end.


We often liaise and and coordinate the overseas business and governmental visits of officials from China – events including conferences, forums and seminars. Furthermore, along with researching institutes, we design and execute professional development programmes customised for Chinese delegations in Europe, particularly in Germany.


Professionally produced content including Articles, Podcasts and Videos are available from our media partner. Furthermore, we offer distribution on Channel Wu and other media platforms in China, which brings great impact on the perception of interested parties as well as the public awareness in China. We also provide media material of Chinese markets and industry insights to European, especially German press.